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toddler's bedroomsExpecting a child is an exciting time for everyone involved, and the preparations for the baby's arrival are part of the fun and anticipation.

Decorating a baby room is a most exciting and tender activity for parents, to be done months before the baby's arrival, always with safety in mind.

Here we try to help you create a nursery that is imaginative, practical and will stand the test of time.


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Nursery Decor ideas


Many moms-to-be have an idea of their "dream nursery." But their visions may not always be the most practical for a new baby.


Here are some things to keep in mind before decorating the room for your new arrival:

  • PLAN AHEAD: Baby years are short. If you ae decorating on a budget, think about choosing wall color that will last 5-10 years. Then use a whimsical border if you must that can easily be updated to a ballerina or airplane version. Use accessories to give the room a baby feel. Also make sure there's a place for a bed once your baby grows out of the crib.

  • DOUBLE DUTY: Purchase furniture that serves double duty. You can get a changing table that turns over to become a dresser. Purchase a crib that converts to a day bed. This can save you money when it is time to convert to a child's room.

  • BABY ROOM THEMES: From Tropical Jungle to Noah's Ark, Teddy Bears to Winnie the Pooh there are many delightful baby room themes to choose from - any one will spark enthusiasm and generate exciting nursery decorating ideas.

  • NURSERY DÉCOR: Co-ordinated nursery bedding sets and matching accessories can make easy work of decorating a baby room, ensuring nursery décor is effective and harmonious. But mixing and matching presents the opportunity for more imaginative nursery decorating ideas - and it's fun! The key to success with 'mix and match' nursery décor is to select elements that share color and pattern elements. Neutral wall and floor coverings enables endless variations: keeping baby room decorating ideas flexible makes it easy to adapt to a young child's developing interests. By changing just the accessories - nursery bedding sets, pictures and rugs - different nursery decorating ideas can be developed without all the upheaval of a major redecorating project.

  • COLOR SCHEMES: Decorating the baby room with a subtle, calm color scheme is usually the best choice. Introducing warm colors - rose, peach or primrose - into your baby room decorating ideas will help create a feeling of coziness.

    While decorating the baby room with the cool colors - aqua, mint or sky blue - can create a feeling of spaciousness.

    Remember that many children's toys are made in bright or primary colors, so select a color scheme using colors that will look fresh for a long time. For the most longevity you may want to steer clear of overly bright colors such as orange or overy muddy colors such as dusty avocado. The colors that always work best are butter yellow, warm pinks, pretty greens, and sky blues.

  • WALL DECOR: From a series of framed art prints to big cheerful posters, a collage of birthday cards to giant stick-ups - nursery wall décor can create an interesting focus and highlight of color. Good nursery wall décor will help to create a special place that excites whimsical fantasy and imaginative storytelling - the essence of a magical childhood!

  • FINISHING TOUCHES: Bring extra interest and visual stimulation to your baby's room on a budget, with the help of nursery pictures, nursery bedding sets, toys and accessories. These are the finishing touches that can bring nursery décor alive!

  • FLOORS: Avoid wall-to-wall carpeting. Use area rugs on hard floor, if possible. Hard floors are easier to clean up and they don't harbor allergy-aggravating dust. Area rugs can be replaced much more easily than carpeting as they get dirty or your child's tastes change.

  • STORAGE SPACE: You'll probably need more room than you think!!! Once the clothes get bigger and are joined by shoes and other accessories, you'll need every inch of closet space you can get. Not to mention a place to put all those toys!

  • ...A SEAT FOR YOU!: Don't forget a place for you to sit in the nursery. Pick a comfortable chair. You'll be spending many nights there with your baby, reading stories or rocking him/her to sleep.
And now, some practical Nursery Safety Tips!

*Put plug protectors in unused electrical outlets.
*Keep drapery and blind cords out of baby's reach from the crib and changing table.

*Make sure that window guards are securely in place to prevent a child from falling out the window.
*Never place a crib, playpen, or other children's furniture near a window.
*Make sure your child's toy box doesn't have a heavy, hinged lid that could trap your child.
*Never use plastic bags as mattress covers. The plastic film may cause suffocation.

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