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Teenagers' Bedroom Ideas and Styles - featured in Country Living!

teenagers bedroom ideasTeenagers rooms should be designed to express the individual style and personality of the girl, her unique tastes and interests. She is now ready to leave behind her back all the fairies & butterflies that belong to her past, but a part of that world still is in her heart.

Help your teenager design her own dream bedroom adding colors, prints, funky accents and a lot of fantasy to mirror her creativity.


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teen bedroom ideas

When redecorating the room that used to be a child's, let the teenager show her own new personality, lifestyle, tastes and needs. Teens need to play the predominant role in the choices that go into their own space. She is now building her confidence, so help her by creating an individual environment for her. And allow yourself, her parent, to go a little wild when it comes to colors, window coverings and bedding...
Her room will tend to be much more eclectic and personal than any other room in the house! In fact, teenagers' bedrooms dare to be what we would all want our bedrooms to be: eclectic, trendy but unique, fresh, groovy and innovative.
Decorating a teen's room is a great project to work on together, making sure that you respect her taste for what is their bedroom.
Need tips on teen bedroom makeover decorating? Then check out these great bedroom decorating ideas from our team of designers at Personal tastes aside, here are some good ideas to transform a little girl's bedroom into a chich retreat for a young woman:

COLOR: Color is the key ingredient to any room's atmosphere. Color creates a mood. Color makes a statement. But color is also about personal taste. If she likes a certain color, allow her to use it, even if it's purple or other colors you'd never thought of having in a bedroom; but make sure she puts a lot of thought into this: remind her you can't just paint the walls of a bedroom every other week, so the color she chooses is going to stay there for a while. Let her take her own resposability with this choice.
When THE color has been picked, choose two to three complementary colors to scatter throughout the room in fabrics, curtains, and decorative accessories. Remember that a young bedroom can sport a broad spectrum of fabrics, from sunny stripes to fruity hues.

STORAGE: teenagers bedrooms must be both funny and functional. Storage solutions are a necessity in every room, especially with teens who have ever growing collections of CDs, magazines, text books, makeup, not to mention clothing and shoes, and maybe still some stuffed animals! :)
...So if you must have functional furniture make it funky!
Toy boxes are not good any longer, so make sure to provide lots of colorful yet sturdy storage solutions for your teen and she'll make sure to have everything in place. Colorful baskets are a good alternative for storage. And don't forget she needs to organize small things, too! For example, let her organize her desk in style with a set of color-coordinated desk accessories, etc. Message boards fall in this category, too. She will need space to hand little notes, pictures, memorabilia etc.

WORK SURFACE: create an ample work surface, possibly one that will easily accommodate a computer, keyboard, textbooks, desk accessories and notes. Encourage your teen to keep the surface tidy in order to facilitate studying. Also make sure that your teen has adequate lighting to work by as well as a supportive chair.

WINDOW TREATMENTS: be very creative when it comes to window coverings, because they can really make a difference. The sunlight that passes through your panels and curtains will give a whole new aspect to the bedroom, every hour of the day and night. You can either match them to the comforter, or, based on the colors of the room, chose coordinating colors but different patterns.

SOFAS, BEANBAG CHAIRS ETC: expect your teen girl to have lots of guests in her room: pajama parties, study groups, and best friends for a chat will always be welcome and need to find lots of space to sit, relax, study, listen to music etc. Consider adding a couple of funny and cool bean bag chairs to your daughter's bedroom, you could place them near the stereo to create a "Music Corner", then add a sofa or futon for even more sitting and lounging options. Then sprinkle the finishing touches about the room in the form of one-of-a-kind accessories.

LIGHTING: Lighting is important because your teen is going to be doing lots of activities in her room that require good lighting: reading, studying, etc. You can provide two different types of lighting, a main hainging lamp that gives light to the whole room, and then add several smaller funny light points near the bed (for late-night reading) near the stereo, on the desk. etc. In this way you are sure her eyes will get enough lighting, while still having a cool bedroom filled with nice stuff. If you're on a budget, you can reuse old lamps and add inexpensive funky lampshades for added atmosphere!

BEDDING: Teens bedding is a dream of color come true. Give her good reasons to go to bed at night. Buy funky beddings in coordinating colors so she can mix and match them depending on her mood. Different patterns create lovely ensemble that not even designers think of. Once again, let her imagination and creativity rule. Just give her ways to do so.

FLOOR COVERINGS: one day she will stop sitting on the floor, as you try to teach her, but it is not that time, yet. Now it's time to sit down and have a chat on the phone, lay down on a colorful rug, or on a comfy floor cushion near the bookcase. Give her colorful rugs to add interesting elements, but make sure they are also warm and good quality. Choose a color that matches the walls or the comforter, or the furniture.

PRIVACY: as she grows up, she will need more privacy that ever. Even more so if the room is shared by two or more sisters! Anyway, a teenager might want to retreat to a special place according to her mood, and you can give her the chance to do so without ever leaving her own bedroom: add groovy bead curtains, panels, canopies in two or three corners of the room (again, near the stereo, around her bed, near the window...) as to create different places she can escape to during the day.

BEDROOM THEMES: think bedroom themes are a thing of the past? She might be over the mermaids and the butterflies themes you created for her years ago, but this does not mean themes are to be banned. Just like for your decorating style, "themes" can help give the idea of wholeness to an otherwise chaotic teen bedroom. We have selected a few bedroom themes that will make any teen happy: Colorful stripes is all about stripes of colors in different hues that you can mix and match for limitless color combination; Funky Bedroom brings out her inner Diva: it's an exotic mix of silky textiles and animal prints. Moms will love this, too! Bohemian Chic Bedroom is a vintage-look collection for the trendy and stylish teenager. Hippie Chick bedroom is casual and comfy, a little retrò, a little hip. Mod Teenagers Bedroom has circles and stripes in pastels and brights for a crazy, fabulous, groovy bedroom. Omega Bedroom is modern, clean, fresh and trendy. Surfer bedroom is a lush tropical paradise for the the surfer girl. Oh La La! is perfect for a girls' night out slumber party and Flower Fusion is an evolution for the romantic girls with a modern twist.


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