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studen'ts bedroomSetting up your home-away-from-home may be your first effort at decorating. Wondering where to begin? Don’t worry, here’s some great decorating ideas to get you started!

Your dorm bedroom must have all the stuff you need and little extras to make your life easier. Comfort in this small space will be one way to make a tiny dorm room feel homey and inviting.


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dorm bedroom ideas


Shopping online for dorm decor is the smart way to shop. You'll have the flexibility of browsing a variety of sources without using even a gallon of gas. And you can click your way through hundreds of selections at midnight or noon. It's your choice.

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Main points in decorating your dorm room:


  1. Check your school's website and find out about room size, available storage solutions, and recommended items.
  2. Get to know which items are prohibited. For example, some dorms won't allow candles, halogen lamps, or flammable wallhangings.
  3. Check your budget, choose your colors and decorating theme, and you'll be on your way to a great dorm room!
  4. Contact your future roommate. Discuss financial arrangements and room decor, being honest about your budget. Try to be flexible and share ideas and opinions. Try to at least focus on a color scheme you can both enjoy.
  5. Fill in your "need" and "want" lists and prioritize each, so your budget is spent on the basics first. Decide what items you already have (sheets, rugs, lamps, TV) that you can take with you, and what items your roommate will bring.
  6. Choosing a favorite color can really help you focus - lime, orange, turquoise, and yellow are funky and great for modern dorm rooms.


Here's our TOP LIST of items that will make any dorm room great to live in:


  • COMFORTABLE BEDDING: will help you feel at home. Colorful comforters or sheets in bold colors feel AND look great! Bed-in-a-bags or bedding sets are an easy, unexpensive instant update for your dorm room!

  • A BIG RUG: rugs will soften the look and feel of hard institutional flooring and make it more inviting to lounge or exercise on the floor.

  • LIGHTING: this is essential! Have focused task lighting at the desk, by a chair, and near the bed, so you can read and work anywhere. And then add pizzaz to your dorm room with party lamps!

  • SEATING: It can be a side chair, loveseat, it will be great for studying, lounging, or talking on the phone. Comfy seating is a must in a dorm room. Extra tip: a go-anywhere ottoman can act as extra seating, a perch for tomorrow's outfit, or a rack to hold a suitcase while you're packing

  • STORAGE: Storage space in a dorm room is often minimal and you’ll have to make every inch of your room count. Get organized with storage, using every inch of space! Products that help you make the most of your storage space might be on the top of your list. Evaluate your space, then choose from peg racks, over-the-door shoe racks, belt and tie holders, and hanging shelves to organize your clothes and accessories. Make use of room under your bed with an underbed box. If you don't have space under your bed, then create some! Use Bed Elevators to lift up your bed and make some new space! Footlockers can both haul your belongings and act as a chair, table or step for space limitations!

  • PILLOWS: are great for decorating. But you can also use pillows to turn your bed into a comfortable lounging couch or for extra floor lounging. A great piece for any room is a soft pillow!

  • PORTABLE HAMPER OR TOTE: you might have never thought you needed one, but they are useful to organize and carry just about everything. Keep a big pop up hamper on the floor of your closet to collect laundry, and use another to hold bathroom supplies. Then just grab and go!

  • BULLETIN BOARD: essential for notes, photos, schedules, and assignments. Bulletin boards can help you get organized, show off mementos, and serve as a message center.

  • WALL DECOR: can be another touch of home. Use artwork to reinforce your room theme or highlight special interests... make a collage out of favorite photos (using color photocopies)... hang favorite posters -- whatever feels like "home" to you.

  • FULL LENGHT MIRROR: is another wonderful convenience. Use the mirror to check your outfit and decorate the edges with photos, tickets, and memorabilia.

Designer's Tips:

Decorating your dorm room will be easier if you stick to a theme. Because when you choose "Designer" as your theme it eliminates all of the Star Wars items (along with a lot more) and frees you to concentrate on the things that will reinforce that "Designer" theme.

How do you choose a theme? Start with what you like!
If surfing is your passion, then a surfer look may make you feel right at home. Are you interested in skiing, surfing, guitars, movies, TV stars, Star Wars, mountain biking, dancing, ballet, football, classical music, or cars? Start there.

What's the secret for a pulled together look? Consistency in color and style. This approach can really give your room a great look. So, how can you have your very own style? All it takes is finding your look and sticking with it.

Wondering where to begin? Don’t worry, here’s some great decorating ideas to get you started!

Here are some great theme ideas to get you started - any of these are good choices for a great room as long as they express YOU:

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