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Girls' Bedroom Ideas


Your little girl isn't a baby anymore: it's time for a room makeover! As a little girl grows up, so should her bedroom.
First of all, you should make her bedroom a place for much more than sleeping. It should be a secret getaway, an imagination playroom, and a warm and welcoming spot to play games and dream.

Your little girl already has a big personality and sense of style, and the design of the room should reflect that.

Young girls need a space that doubles up as a warm, cosy bedroom by night and a spacious, uncluttered playroom by day. But you don't necessarily need a large space to make it a fun space. More importantly, make sure their environment is bright, creative and fun.


Think of a fun design scheme that would grow with your little girl.


WALLS: Choose soft and feminine colors, from pale pink to mauve, or from milk white to gold. You can also add romantic swirls or flowers and butterflies with stencil, wall border or wall stickers.


BED: Once the color scheme had been established, now for the big girl bed! Whatever type of bed you choose, we suggest you add a trundle bed underneath for the inevitable sleepovers. Dress it with comfortable linens and colorful throw pillows.


STORAGE SOLUTIONS: A bookcase with slide-out baskets will hide all of your girl’s toys and treasures. A toy box will provide more storage, and a small table for the middle of the room will be the perfect spot for afternoon tea parties.


SECRET PLACE: Give her room to curl up and read books or just daydream, so get an overstuffed seat cushion, put it in a corner and hang a canopy over it. This will completed this little girl’s getaway and instantly create a magic room within her room, a place for her imagination to run freely.


LIGHTING: The lighting must be soft yet functional, so you could start with wall sconces on the side walls, to provide great light on the side of the room that doesn't get much of the natural light from the window.


BEDROOM THEME: Choose a decor scheme that will grow up as your girl does: find a theme that both you and her like, and add accents and final touches as she grows up. Ever little new addition will change the way the room looks and will enrich the decor without much effort.
We offer many different themes she will love:
the classic ballerina, butterflies, fairies, princess, romantic hearts and mermaids, and the story-book secret garden, tea party, and doll house.
The celestial, sand and sea and dolphins and themes dedicated to the characters she loves the most: Barbie, Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, Dora the explorer , Hello Kitty and more.


DESIGNER'S TIPS: To add more drama to your little girl's bedroom, you can get some matching fabric and drape it around a simple bookshelf to create a domed, tent-like effect.

Display art on a shelves above the bed or desk.
Buy large storage units.

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Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!


Every little girl's bedroom must have plenty of frilly, cute accessories to be truly girly! Allow her to choose a few focal points for her new bedroom to add pizzaz to her own space. What about some personalized accents like the Personalized Lil Bow Keeper? Both functional and pretty is a total winner.
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