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Price Range $300/$499
Serene Buddha Panel Serene Buddha Panel new!
<In Thailand, where thousands of images of Buddha fill dailylife, we searched until we found the one that moved us withits serenity. This Buddha face, with its gently closed eyes and expressive lips, is skillfully anddelicately etched in three joining panels of sustainable monkey podwood. The contrasting grain adds lustrous highlights. Hung withthe embedded hooks or propped against a wall on a shelf or table,t he Buddha's radiant beauty transforms living spaces intocalming sanctuaries.
    Teak Lotus Panel - (3' x 3') Teak Lotus Panel - (3' x 3')
>Using recycled rough-hewn teak planks from old dwellings and community buildings, hilltribe craftsmen in Thailand devote endless hours to hand-carve, sand, and wax this intricatelotus flower motif. To Thais, the lotus symbolizes prosperity and fertility. Our panels are crafted from reclaimed teak so prized that Thai families make them the centerpiece of a room. Each panel is cut into 12" sections that fit together for ease of shipping and mounting, and comes with recessed hanging hardware. These exquisitely detailed carvings help pay for new community buildings for each village. Each piece is truly unique; variations in wood color and carving will occur.
Perching Bird Panel Perching Bird Panel
<Hand-carved from monkey pod wood, the panel's splendidly evocative depiction of nature harks back to an ancient design. Singing birds that alight on branches are said to promote happiness and longevity. Carved with infinite patience and skill, this stunning panel hangs on a wall or stands handsomely on a sideboard or console table.
30"L x 30"W x 3"D
    Tree of Life Wall Art (large) Tree of Life Wall Art (large)
>At first this Haitian sculpture of birds on leafy branches-created from recycled oil drum metal-may seem purely decorative and beguiling. It's all of that, and more: a tree of life linking heaven and earth as its branches reach to the sky, and its roots plunge deep. The artist draws his lively images and intricate patterns, then with hammer and chisel cuts, shapes, and contours the piece to its completion. This traditional art of converting oil drums into wall sculptures is a true mark of both man's imagination and his resourcefulness in the face of dire economic circumstances.
LARGE 35"D, SMALL 20"W x 15"H
Exotic Menagery Wall Tapestry
<Equipped with rod pockets for easy hanging with basic rod. Tassels not included.


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