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Natori "Raj" Bedding new!
<This exquisite design is inspired by the bold opulence of the Raj Era in India. A intriguing tiger skin pattern is abstracted into royal red jacquard creating a dramatic quilted motif. Collection includes sheets, pillowcases, duvet, sham, European sham, bedskirts and four decorative pillows



DID YOU KNOW? Once reserved for royalty, the name paisley is derived from Scotland’s largest town. In the early 1800s, naval officers returning to the town brought with them luxurious woolen shawls they had found while in Kashmir. The shawls featured elaborate patterns with curving shapes. Paisley, Scotland was already known for its textile industries and it took years for two people to hand-weave intricate designs like those on the shawls. This meant that only the rich were able to afford the expensive paisley pieces.


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>>> Exotic BEDROOM Decorating Tips

Escape to far-away dreamlands where all you can see is tall palm trees and the rich blue hues of the sea and the sky.
Reminescent of exotic and mysterious countries, these beds, decorative accents & textiles and beddings will give you a sense of freedom and peacefullness.

Decorating tips: Discover a far away oasis in your bedroom with decor that creates an exotic atmosphere, like bamboo, wicker, sisal and jute rugs, framed photos of the beach and ocean, exotic art, plants and trees, shells or orchids. Experiment with our exotic decorative accents to create a lush oasis right in your own bedroom! Create pretty pools of atmospheric light by dotting a few stunning Moroccan-style brass lanterns.

Don’t worry about staying true to one country’s look – who says you can’t sit an intricate Moorish fretwork panel against a jewel-coloured Indian wall and team with juicy Caribbean tropical print silk fabrics and Indonesian wooden carvings? If you’re going for a happy, sun-drenched faraway look – as long as it’s exotic, it goes. Add a few atmospheric candles in coloured glass lanterns and light a little incense. Got that holiday feeling yet? <<<

Satisfy your taste for the exotic!

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