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Price Range $40/$100
      African Shona Elephant Sculpture African Shona Elephant Sculpture
>Shona art, created by Zimbabwe's largest tribe, is one of the most significant art forms to come out of Africa in the 20th century. Family relationships, such as this pair, are often represented by the animal kingdom in Shona art. The artists believe that their chiseling and polishing releases the spirit form that is trapped within the rapoka stone. As each piece is one of a kind, please expect variation in the color and veining of the stone. Approximately 6 1/2''W x 8 1/2''H x 2''D.




Price Range UP TO $39
Hand-Etched Kissi Stone Safari Vase
< * Richly hand etched and dyed, this smooth, colorful vase is crafted of African kissi stone
* Inspired by wildlife, it highlights hues of rich brown, golden tan, black and off-white in its many patterns
* 9Hx3.5Wx3.5D"

    Etched and Dyed Safari Gourd Vase
> * Whether displayed empty or filled with dried flowers, this vibrant vase is a colorful way to bring worldly style into your home
* Made of a dried gourd
* Black, cinnamon, cream and a host of other hues make this piece beautifully compelling
* Zebra print and giraffe patterns are a naturally exotic touch
* 9Hx11" dia.

Hand-Painted Double Giraffe Statuette
< * Elegant and artful, this simply detailed piece displays a pair of graciously intertwined giraffes
* Made of mwarobaini wood
* Handcrafted statuette shows off rich hues of brown, making it a natural addition to neutral or earth-tone decor
* 12.5Hx4.75Wx3.75D"

    Carved Giraffe CD Holder
> * Go a little wild when choosing your music with this whimsical yet purposeful piece
* Made of suwar wood
* With just enough slots for your favorite CDs, this carved design is a welcome addition to a shelf or desk
* 32Hx4Wx7D"

Frafra Tribal Mask (Ghana) Frafra Tribal Mask (Ghana)
<Bring an exciting piece into your home with this Frafra tribal mask. African Masks can be dramatic portraits of spirit beings, departed ancestors, and invisible powers of social control.

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