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The ECHO Design Group has been as a "family affair" since it was founded in 1923 by Edgar C. Hyman. Mr. Hyman's daughter now ECHO's Chairman and CEO, Dorothy Roberts, along with Steven, Lynn and Meg Roberts treat everyone at ECHO as "family," sharing the same high standards of quality, service and integrity that has risen ECHO to its current level. As a collector gathers all her favorite things, ECHO collects their favorite images, colors, feelings, and ideas that have transpired. These ideas are integrated into a universal vision that guides the design of all ECHO's bedding products. It shapes ECHO's focus and allows ECHO to tell consistent and cohesive stories with their bedding designs. Original artwork, sketches, and antiquities collected along the way begin to emerge as designs, patterns, and prints. The materials that best convey the essence of that inspiration are sought out and manipulated, woven, printed, and patched into ECHO bedding designs.<<<

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