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  • Color and Light: Luminous Atmospheres for Painted Rooms new!
    The air itself can seem colored. Distant mountains look blue because there is inevitably more blue light between you and a remote object. This blue veil is called airlight, which is simply sunlight scattered by the ...

  • Color in the home new!
    A house is much more than just a roof over our heads. Our places of dwelling have developed dramatically over the course of history. Homes today have to be incredibly versatile buildings, often serving as a restaurant, kindergarten, hotel, office, library and sanctuary. The places in which we live should be...

  • Decorating on a budget: do's and don'ts
    Congratulations on your new home! It’s exciting to create a special place of your own. Just remember to take it slow. Interesting interiors are created in layers, evolving as things are added and removed over time...

  • Instant Getaway: create a bedroom retreat
    A bedroom retreat can be a place that calms, centers and energizes. It can be about who you are, as well as who you want to be. Size doesn’t matter. Closet space is irrelevant. You decide who visits, who leaves and who stays.The décor can be classic, exotic, modern, eclectic, romantic or wild. In other words, it can be anything...

  • Create Your Own Bedroom Retreat
    The Bedroom. A place to reflect after a hard day and to dream of what tomorrow holds.

    Your bedroom is your place of retreat, a sanctuary where you can escape the daily stress of your life and take a moment to surround yourself with luxurious fabrics and warm plush pillows.

  • Design a Blissful Bedroom
    Ask yourself: What do you love? What do you want to keep in your bedroom? What brings you a sense of calm? Which fabrics feel good to you? How do you want to decorate?

  • Balanced Decorating

    Think about it. Have you ever worn a sandal on one foot and a boot on the other? No? Then have you tried wearing a black leather glove on one hand with a red wool mitten on the other? Okay, probably not. Since our bodies have lots of pairs we tend to feel most comfortable when we wear matching pieces of clothing or accessories. Doing that gives our physical appearance the symmetry to which we all innately gravitate. The same concept applies to our homes. Every room looks better and feels more balanced if it is decorated with matching pairs...

  • Expressions of patriotism in home décor
    Expressions of patriotism in home décor date back to before this country was born. Actually, they first appeared on painted Chinese rice paper as early as 200 B.C. In more recent times, American folk art furniture is replete with stars, stripes and primitive renderings of our earliest flag.

  • Period Style
    Home fashion has come full circle. Many design trends first made popular in the 1920s are back in vogue and stronger than ever. For example, the cottage-style home, a blend of farmhouse and bungalow that is best defined by the simple clean lines of the 1920s, has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

  • Vintage Comfort, Wall to Wall
    There are reasons for the current trend toward nostalgic references in home decorating. Vintage objects carry a comforting softness to homes. They recall a simpler world. Furthermore, they can be found in flea markets and fairs at affordable prices, another plus as the U. S. economy continues its struggle for recovery. Spring cleaning also offers the opportunity to resurrect some forgotten treasures. Once cast into storage, handmade quilts, embroidered linens, tarnished silver, crackled crockery and even timeworn furniture pieces now take on added appeal.

  • Bedroom Colors to match your life style!
    If you are thinking about redecorating your sleeping environment, think about the color effects, too. The Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui believes that color choices should be intuitive, and therefore, made on the basis of which of the five energy elements you were born into. The five elements are wood (green), metal (white), fire (red), water (blue or black) and earth (yellow).

  • Color Your Life with a Signature Room Look: Guidelines for Painting Rooms in Your Home
    Sooner or later, you’ll need to repaint that room -- the one that has become outdated, must be converted to a new use or needs to be redecorated. Doing so is an opportunity to realize your dream décor, whether it’s a complete makeover or simply creating a certain feeling you want through new colors.

  • Tips for Finishing Wood Furniture
    Each piece of solid wood furniture is an original, the result of nature's handiwork. Every item has its own grain pattern and color, according to the character of the wood. Light and dark areas blend during the finishing process to produce the uniquely attractive look of real wood furniture.

  • Tips on Choosing Wood Furniture
    Wood has long been the material of choice for quality furniture for many good reasons: Wood is available in various colors, grains and hardnesses. It can be cut and shaped into a large variety of attractive designs.

  • Tips on Buying Wood Furniture
    Ready-to-finish furniture gives you a wide range of options that can meet all your furniture needs. Pop's Furniture offers quality products from both local craftsmen and national manufacturers that will fit any budget.

  • Wrap Your Rooms in American Country Comfort
    The comforts of home have rarely been as important and meaningful as they are to us today. Home design trends emerge as a reflection of how we feel. They depict what we are longing for.

  • Creating a Romantic Getaway
    Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping anymore. With larger master suites being built in today’s homes, bedrooms have evolved into comfortable getaways for people to relax and unwind from their hectic schedules.

  • Unique Ways to Take Decorating Personally
    Since each of us is as unique as a thumbprint, there's no reason anyone should settle for copycat interiors, no matter how beautiful they are and no matter how faithfully they replicate a room shown in a book. Wallpaper is more than a decorative element. It is a tool for creating entirely custom spaces.

  • Kids’ Bedrooms Both Fun And Functional
    With themes ranging from nostalgia to critters, and color palettes varying from translucent to pastel bright, next year’s children’s rooms will be as individual as the tiny people who inhabit them.

  • Less is More When it Comes to Home Décor
    It is unfortunate that so few people realize that good design can really be simple. Design becomes refined and livable when it is done in moderation.

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